As we are confined at home these days, it is useful to contemplate what great history, nature and beauty we are deprived of as a result. The point, of course, is not to induce a sense of misery and loss, but to think about the value of these irreplaceable treasures. If we feel this loss after a few weeks, what would it mean to lose them for eternity?
In order to remind ourselves of the importance of our heritage, April 18th has been designated as the International Day for Monuments and Sites. In it, we are to reemphasize the importance and value of our heritage, economically, socially, scientifically and educationally.
In the case of Jordan, this is especially important as it helps us appreciate the deep roots that hold us to this land. Continuous occupation over ten millennia is enough to make any people proud. Unfortunately, few appreciate the value of these treasure nor understand the importance of preserving them.
Despite the lock down, your Center for the Study of Natural and Cultural Heritage is still functioning and working towards understanding Jordan’s heritage, keeping it safe, learning it’s lessons and pointing its value.
When this crisis passes, we will still be here. We hope that being forced into small confines will increase the appreciation of the vast beauty and sense of wonder of the amazing heritage that Jordan possesses.
By Prof. Nizar Abu-Jaber, Director of Study of Natural and Cultural Heritage Center.