Amman- 8 May 2019

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (SEEIT) at the German Jordanian University (GJU) in cooperation with SAP for Training and Development Institute has launched the SAP Youth Professional Program (YPP). The program  aims at training graduate students and enhancing their skills for the purpose of operating and creating job opportunities for them with SAP partners.

The President of GJU Prof. Manar Fayyad said during the launching that our vision at GJU focuses on deepening our relationships with German industry partners like SAP that continue to provide these valuable opportunities for our students.

She pointed to the German year spent by students in the penultimate year to study at one of the German university partners, as well as getting training opportunities in German companies or factories.

Fayyad encouraged the students to take advantage of this program as much as possible and take out all their abilities which will benefit them when they go to the labor market.

The Program Manager at SAP Alp Geckalan reviewed the program and its objectives. He explained that the program is a free initiative delivered by the SAP Training and Development Institute.

The program, which lasts for three months, is designed to give recent graduates the certifications and soft skills required to begin a career as an SAP Associate Consultant.

 At the end of the training, SAP TDI will work very closely with the YPP graduates to introduce them to a host of opportunities with SAP customers and partners.

The launching also included representatives of companies and institutions to provide a brief explanation about them and their products in the market to attract graduates to work with them.