Amman- 11 March 2019

During the period from the 4th of March till the 14th March 2019, in corporation with GJU International Office Professor Merker is giving a series of lectures for GJU undergraduate students at the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities (SBSH) in Differential Equations (MATH205) and Calculus II (MATH102) courses.

Within his mathematical lectures in both German and English languages, Professor Merker also introduced Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (in German: HTWK Leipzig) and the German educational system to students.

He announced that his visit to GJU is motivated by the need of alerting GJU students during their early years at GJU about what they should expect from the German educational system before leaving for their German year.

Students listened carefully to Professor Merker, raised many questions for stimulating discussions and interacted with his lectures where he answered them accordingly. Additionally, Professor Merker discussed scientific problems and future collaborations with SBSH during his visit.

Professor Merker holds the Professorship in Analysis and Optimization – important fields of Applied Mathematics – at Leipzig University of Applied Sciences and is a distinguished researcher. He will start his work as Director of the newly founded Centre for Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Leipzig University of Applied Sciences on 1st April 2019.

The Flying Faculty Program has built a bridge to facilitate understanding and communications between faculties and students from Germany and GJU. Professor Merker said he believes that through such collaboration, the program will empower both students and faculty members with excellent knowledge of applied sciences in the fields of mathematical and engineering sciences, and improve the level of current GJU mathematical courses to meet with German courses.