Amman- 23 May 2019

In Collaboration between the Bauhaus University of Weimar, represented by Prof. Frank Eckardt, and the German Jordanian University (GJU), School of Architecture and Built Environment represented by Dr. Maram Tawil, a joint student Workshop was held at the Bauhaus-University, Weimar, Germany from the 9th of May till the 15th of May 2019. The workshop was held within the framework of DAAD funded cooperation project under the category of Higher Education Dialogue with the Islamic World.

The 6 days’ workshop was conducted with the presence of 10 students from the German Jordanian University, 8 students from Bauhaus university Weimar and 2 students from the cooperation partner university (Notre dame university, Lebanon).

Through this workshop, several lectures were given among which one dealt with an introduction to Amman’s growth by Dr. Maram Al Tawil with Arch. Lama el khushman and an introduction development in Beirut by Dr. Nadine Hindi from Notre Dame University in Lebanon.

Other vital lectures and input was given within a two-days conference chaired by Prof Frank Eckardt titled: Post-Growth Cities. The workshop has moreover incorporated several excursions in Weimar and Leipzig to discuss the De-growth strategies and the housing typologies in the two cities, along with several working sessions of intercultural and interdisciplinary groups from Germany, Lebanon and Jordan.

The main aim was to raise a broader understanding of different urban movements that are elaborating multiple approaches of post growth practices in the city and have an in-depth view on the notion of intercultural and interdisciplinary approaches in post growth city.

The students collaborated on producing presentations on the 14th of May according to the experimental hands-on city walks thru the former industrial district in the western part of Leipzig and using the theoretical methods presented during the conference. Coming up with development recommendations tailored to each site and circumstances.