Amman- 30 May 2019

On 16th and 17th of May 2019, the Department of Mechatronics Engineering (ME) of the School of Applied Technical Sciences (SATS) organized its Network Meeting in Heilbronn on the occasion of the annual German conference on Mechatronics.

Head of the Mechatronics Department Dr. Mutaz Ryalat and Exchange Coordinator Dr. Hani Mohsen attended the conference together with Network Coordinator Stefanie Kirsch and presented the SATS faculty as well as the study and research program to the participants. Hochschule Heilbronn invited 35 deans and head of departments from the field of Mechatronic and Robotics in order to discuss recent experiences and developments at their home universities, 10 of them were active SATS network members.

The main topic of the conference was Digital transformation in Engineering education with several speakers such as Dr. Jonas Wernz (VDI), Prof. Dr. Peter Eichinger and Prof. Dr. Bernhard Höfig (HS Aalen), Prof. Dr. Andreas Daberkow, Prof. Dr. Nicolaj Stache and Prof. Dr.Tim Fischer (HS Heilbronn).

Two GJU students attended the SATS network meeting and discussed their experiences in Germany and their set of courses together with the Jordanian and German professors as well as the supervisors Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ansgar Meroth and Stefanie Petrik from HS Heilbronn. Hochschule Aalen offered to invite more GJU students and encouraged them to participate in the Makeathon at Gran Canaria

Furthermore new network members were interested in GJU’s distinguished mobility programs such as Flying Faculty, Train the trainer, Erasmus Plus, Student Group Mobility and Arabic Summer Course. Dr. Mutaz and Dr. Hani started further planning with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralph Lindken (HS Bochum), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Loeffler-Mang (HTW Saar) and Dipl.-Ing. Ansgar Eckert (FH Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt) who were interested in further collaborations with the School of Applied Technical Sciences.