Amman- 28 June 2019

As part of the School of Applied Technical Sciences (SATS) Seminar series, Dr. Nathir Rawashdeh presented a conference paper entitled,” Office Mail Robot based on Festo Robotino"  to SATS' students and academics.

Dr. Nathir Rawashdeh presented the paper earlier at the North American Society for Engineering Education conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The presented work is of a Mechatronics engineering graduation project performed on the Festo Robotino Indoor mobile robot platform. Mechatronics Engineering students have built a mailbox body on top of the Robotino and programmed it to serve as an office mail delivery robot.

The robot can be controlled from a PHP website. A Raspberry Pi minicomputer running Python code acts as an interface between the PHP commands and the Robotino's Robotino View program that is responsible for motor control and sensor reading.

The graduation project was performed by the Mechatronics engineering students, Hisham Alwanni, Nazih Sheikh Ali، and Bader Al Afghani in 2016.