Amman- 4 January 2022

The ambition of the School of Applied Technical Sciences (SATS) at German Jordanian University (GJU) is to furnish its students with the essential industrial practicality and link them to various industries local in Jordan and even internationally. To accomplish this, Dr. Wahib Owhaib coordinated and organized a site visit to the KOSPO (Korea Southern Power Company) Al-Qatrana Combined Power Plant on Wednesday, 22 December 2021. A delegation of 12 Mechanical and Maintenance Engineering students participated in this site visit.

To begin with, the power plant generating capacity is 373 MW of electricity to the national grid operated on a combined power cycle that includes two gas turbines and one steam turbine. The gas turbines are burning natural gas supplied through the Arab Gas Pipeline.  Furthermore, the plant was commissioned on 27 February 2012. Both Qatrana Electric power company and Xenel industries share the Plant stakeholders with the Korea Southern Power Company (KOSPO) plant operator until 2035.

The student started their visit with a site safety orientation presented by the site Health and Safety (HSE) manager Mr. Abdel Azeiz Al-Shaikh. Furthermore, engineer Mohammad Esmael the site maintenance manager presented a detailed description of the plant design and operation including some of the maintenance aspects. Also, he addressed the plant's various components. Moreover, the student discussed in-depth with him different design, operating, and maintenance strategies involved with such a critical asset.

Moreover, students with the HSE  and Maintenance managers went to a site tour where they real-life revealed the plant's major components.  In addition, students have had the opportunity to visit the plant control room. The site operators gave a briefing regarding the plant operation and control including the control interface SCADA systems.

Moreover, the main purpose of such site visits is to allow students to learn more about the plant organization and to establish GJU links for future collaboration. In addition, giving students exposure to the main component of the combined power plant and empowering students with the applied essentials and skills in their study program.

In conclusion, GJU valued the hospitality and cooperation of KOSPO represented by Mr. Kim, Gyeong Sam, and Mr. Ghassan Nassrawin to grant the site visit permission during the Corona Pandemic, and expressed GJU's deep appreciation to the plant team represented by engineer Mohammad Esmael and Mr. Abdel Azeiz Al-Shaikh for sharing their knowledge and experience with GJU students and making this visit safe.