Amman- March 9, 2017

On Thursday March 9th, 2017, German & English for Business Communication (GEBC) students from the School of Applied Humanities and Languages (SAHL) visited United Pioneering Business (UPB) in Dabouq, Amman. The purpose of this visit was to introduce students through their course institutions in Jordan to future job opportunities and acquaint them with the practical use of the language of marketing, advertising, and business communication.

Since SAHL strongly encourages the application of the German model of applied sciences, the course institutions in Jordan organizes professional visits to companies where GEBC students are introduced to hands on examples of future job prospects. 

Upon arrival at UPB, the students were welcomed by the Human Resources Director, Mr. Mohsen al Nweiran. Mr. Nweiran together with the company's marketing manager Mr. Kakish gave the students a brief presentation about the history and marketing mission of UPB. This was conducted in an official meeting room with high-tech visuals and brands the company sells. The students were intrigued and curious about the role UPB holds in Jordan in terms of its various high-end brand names.

As a result, the presentation demonstrated how GEBC students compliment the market with their business communication and social media skills which are the current drives of market today.

Word of mouth networking also known as direct marketing was one of the highlights of the visit. The students were immediately able to relate to this concept since word of mouth is a behavior that is too familiar in their culture.

The students were more than enthusiastic when UPB kindly offered to take them on as summer paid interns for the position of social media officers. This generous gesture definitely motivated the students in gaining a positive outlook on their professional future and thus boosted their morale.