Dr. Ghazi Samawi
Associate Professor
PHONE: +962 6 4294444 Ext. 4666

During the past years, I have gathered international knowledge and experience through the academic and career choices I have pursed. Majoring in International Business, I made sure to solidify the knowledge I have through worldwide lectures, trainings and consultations. Having started an early career in academics Organizational Learning Center, I have been teaching at several renowned institutions such as the German Jordanian University and Talal Abu Ghazaleh College of Business; two of the most prestigious business schools in Jordan. During this time, I have held a few major administrative roles as well – Head of Management Sciences department, Vice Dean of the School of Management and Logistic Sciences, and the Industrial links Coordinator and Training Officer for bridging the gap between academia and industry.


I have managed to obtain several local, regional and international certificates during my course of work. Moreover, I have been a visiting professor in Institutions in Turkey and Germany as well as an external examiner in a few Jordanian institutions. I have successfully Scientific Conferences and participated in many workshops over the past 6 years. Alongside, I have conduct research in a variety of fields, all of which have qualified me to train in institutions such as the USAID, KAS and others in areas such as Total Quality Management, Management Communication, Innovation Management, Strategic Management… etc.  

Educational Background

International Business, Salford University, England.
International Business, Coventry University, England.
Economics, Applied Science University, Jordan.
Research Interests

International Business, Entrepreneur and Startup Business, Change and Quality Management 


Teaching Interest: International Business, Quality and Change  Management 

Selected Publications

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2018 Metri Fayez Mdanat, Manhal Shotar, Ghazi Samawi, Jean Mulot, Talah S. Arabiyat,, Mohammed A. Alzyadat,"Tax structure and economic growth in Jordan, 1980-2015",EuroMed Journal of Business,Vol. 13 No. 1, 2018, Emerald Publishing Limited,2018 [View]
2017 Metri Mdanat, Mohammed Al Shboul, Ghazi Samawi,"Transportation Landed Cost as a Barrier to Intra-regional Trade", Journal of Borderlands Studies,2017 [View]
2017 ,"The Role of Energy Supply in Economic Growth: Evidence from the Oil Importing Countries",International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy,Vol. 7, No. 6,2017 [View]
2016 Bandar K Abutayeh, Ghazi A Samawi, Fathi A Yosef, Manar I Al-Qatawneh,"The Effect of Leadership Style on the Process of Organizational Change in a Developing country",International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research,Vol.14, No.2: 1881-1895,2016
2016 Ghazi A. Samawi, Metri F. Mdanat, Fathi A. Yosef, Bandar K. Abutayeh,"Formal versus Informal Financing of SMEs in the Libyan Context: The Case of Gharian City",Journal of Business and Economics,Vol.7, Issue.7,2016
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