About SATS

About SATS

The School of Applied Technical Sciences (SATS) was established in 2005. The SATS offers undergraduate programs in three engineering disciplines giving the students the knowledge and skills they need for success in a technically oriented career.


Graduates of the SATS are expected to fill the gap in the Jordanian and the regional markets in critically needed disciplines concerning technology transfer, innovation, and management. The approach of the faculty is to foster applied learning in all courses offered via practical projects, teamwork, technical writing, and presentations. The faculty will capitalize on the great opportunity of studying and training its students in Germany during the fourth year to facilitate the transfer and management of technological resources via a partnership with many reputable universities in Germany. The SATS provides labs in the following areas: materials science, manufacturing processes, industrial automation, work measurements, ergonomics, systems simulation, instrumentation and measurements, automatic control systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and automotive maintenance. In addition, SATS has a modern engineering workshop facility.


Faculty Values

  • Quality education to uphold an uncompromising standard of excellence in teaching and learning in applied sciences
  • Community partnership to strengthen and sustain the relationship between the faculty and the local industries and communities
  • Commitment to diversity in the faculty, staff, and student body
  • Progressive and motivating climate to create a friendly atmosphere that enables creativity among faculty and students
  • Integrity and ethics in all faculty activities



We aspire to establish the School of Applied Technical Sciences (SATS) as a leading faculty in applied education and research and provide outstanding undergraduate programs in mechatronics, industrial and management systems, and maintenance engineering.



We aspire to provide high quality education with an emphasis on hands-on learning, capstone projects, field training and soft skills. This will be accomplished through recruiting, enhancing, and retaining excellent faculty members, technical and administrative staff, as well as through attracting distinguished students.

We aspire to enhance the professional development of faculty members through the support of research, instructional development and professional-growth activities