About the Deanship

About the Deanship

The mission of the Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) at GJU is to create an environment that fosters excellence in research, promotes ethical and responsible conduct, and actively contributes to the betterment of society through knowledge creation, dissemination, and innovation. We at the DSR are committed to enabling the GJU to be a hub of intellectual exploration and a driving force for progress in various fields of study. The following are the DSR’s key goals:

  • Promote Excellence in Research: The DSR is devoted to supporting and nurturing the highest standards of academic research by providing an environment in which faculty, researchers, and students can pursue their research passions and contribute to knowledge production.


  • Facilitate Interdisciplinary Collaboration: The DSR seeks to break down silos and promote cross-disciplinary collaboration. We aim to address difficult, real-world situations and generate innovation at the crossroads of diverse fields by promoting a culture of multidisciplinary research.


  • Secure Research Funding: The DSR is committed to assisting researchers at GJU in obtaining internal and external research funding by providing resources, guidance, and help. We understand that financial support is essential for conducting high-impact research, and we aim to link researchers with the necessary opportunities and provide them with the required resources.


  • Improve Research Infrastructure: The DSR is working to build an infrastructure that supports cutting-edge research. This includes state-of-the-art laboratories, access to specialized equipment, and a robust information technology infrastructure that provides researchers with the resources they need to succeed.


  • Support Ethical Research: Ethical considerations are paramount in the pursuit of knowledge. The DSR is dedicated to ensuring that any research undertaken under our auspices adheres to the highest ethical standards, respecting human’s rights and dignity, and promotes responsible behavior.


  • Encourage Knowledge Dissemination: The DSR encourages researchers at GJU to communicate their findings with the rest of the community. This entails supporting the publication of research outcomes in reputable journals, presenting at conferences, and actively engaging with the public to convey the significance of their work.


  • Promote Innovation and Economic Growth: Research findings frequently result in innovation and economic development. The DSR works to connect research to entrepreneurship and industry, establishing an environment in which scientific discoveries can have a beneficial economic impact.


  • Track and Assess Impact: The DSR is committed to tracking and measuring the impact of research activities and investments. In fact, the DSR routinely assesses the quality and relevance of GJU's research activities to ensure that they are in line with the university's goal and societal needs.