GJU Alumni in Germany

A large number of GJU graduates already successfully managed to secure a job in Germany, so the path to Germany is not “the easy one” but realistically doable. GJU Alumni are ready to support you on your journey by sharing their experience and providing valuable insider information.


Facebook Group "GJU Alumni in Deutschland"

This group aims at connecting GJU Alumni living, working, and studying in Germany. It provides information on recent developments in Germany, seminars and workshops, job opportunities, Alumni testimonials and invites to regular Alumni meetings.

If you are planning to move to Germany and want to get in touch with former GJU students you are invited to join these groups: GJU Alumni in Deutschland | Facebook and the GJU Alumni Ambassador Programme | Groups | LinkedIn


Alumni Testimonials

To benefit from your peers’ experiences on landing a job in Germany, we share with you some helpful videos and reports.

Yazan Hijazeen was a GJU architecture student with a master’s degree in Global BIM Management.

He studied at the Jade Hochschule and did his internship in 2017 with HDR Düsseldorf.

Learn how he continued his career in Germany and became an architect with lots of responsibility.

“Yazan Hijazeen's story shows that with the right support from employers, it is very possible to inspire skilled workers from abroad for German companies. Above all, the bureaucratic hurdles must be overcome and the experts integrated into the team despite language barriers. Yazan is convinced that both sides can benefit enormously from each other”.

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