About Deanship

About Deanship


The Deanship plays a vital role in the personal growth, wellness, intellectual development, academic achievement and career success of each individual student.

The role of the Deanship of Student Affairs varies from others Deanships, as it is being the closest to the students and to the local community. Its major objective through its various services and programs is to built student’s personality at all levels; physically, mentally, socially and psychologically to prepare him/her to be an active leader thus achieves the principle of good citizenship, and to face life challenges with a composed confident personality and to contributes to academic and personal success, encourages independent civic responsibility, and promotes the welfare of all students.


The deanship is the umbrella under which all students' activities are performed, and through which all the facilities to students are made available. The deanship maintains continuous connection and interaction with students. It receives students' feedback about various services at the university and strives to improve such services.

  • - Organizing programs designed especially for promoting intercultural communication.
  • - Counselling services to help students adjust academically, socially, and develop their soft skills.
  • - Fostering a campus culture that encourages each student to articulate their own goals for success.
  • - Promoting a campus climate that values, accepts and learns from our rich diversity.
  • - Developing leaders who believe in and lead others toward supporting civility, mutual respect and diversity in our society and workplaces.
  • - Expanding the opportunities for students to participate in local, regional and international experiences.


The main objectives of Students Affairs Deanship are 

  • - To promote national, social and cultural consciousness
  • - To enhance in students Islamic ethics, and prepare them to assume life’s responsibilities
  • - To enlarge the students’ prospects on a world experience through their year of training and study in Germany
  • - To reinforce the volunteer spirit and collective work among the students and to encourage them to realize the benefits of their time.
  • - To provide health services for all students to keep them in good conditions
  • - To expand the opportunities for students to participate in local, regional and international experiences

To build the intellectual personalities of students by participating in local, regional and international sport and social.