About the Deanship

About the Deanship


The mission of the Deanship of Graduate Studies is to support the growth and excellence of graduate studies, with a goal to become among the best internationally reputable institutes for graduate studies. We have taken the responsibility to deliver the mission through the following:

  • Identifying, supporting, and rewarding excellence and achievement in graduate programs and applied sciences.
  • Developing quality systems and pursuing international accreditation for all of our graduate programs.
  • Linking our graduate program with state-of-the-art applied research and promoting a strong linkage with the industry and also with the graduate programs in Germany and also other international partners.
  • Increasing the support to Graduate students' research with a focus on applied topics stemming from the needs of the country and the regions.
  • Follow up on the development of new Graduate programs within different schools as the need of the market is established and identified.



The deanship of graduate studies is responsible for the following functions at GJU:

  • Overseeing all graduate studies programs at GJU and facilitating the administrative processes of the Graduate students.

  • Support Building up a learning and research environment for graduate students in direct cooperation with the Academic schools offering Graduate programs.

  • Funding graduate students involved in projects, research, and teaching assignments.

  • Providing well-rounded education while ensuring that all codes of academic discipline are fulfilled.