The Road Safety Center of Excellence / German Jordanian University, in cooperation with the Jordanian Traffic Institute / Public Security, represented by the Director of the Center of Excellence for Traffic Safety, Dr. Farah Al-Atrash, accompanied by a group of students and affiliates of the Traffic Safety Club, organized a visit to the city of Aqaba to participate in the design of traffic parks in the Special Economic Zone / Aqaba, where the club members will participate in a competition to design traffic parks for the following schools:

Al Hamima Elementary Mixed School

Jordan Elementary School

Fatima Al Zahra School

Salma Bint Omar School 

Students were introduced to designated places to be designed and on matters related to the competition that will help them in the process of designing traffic parks.

These activities are part of the center's plan for community service and the integration of students in actual projects related to traffic safety.