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Year Faculty Publications
2019 Dia Zeidan,Bibekananda Bira,"Weak shock waves and its interaction with characteristic shocks in polyatomic gas",Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences,42:4679-4687,2019 [View]
2019 Eric Goncalves,Dia Zeidan,Lukas van Gemmeren,Peer Ueberholz,Peter Farber,Jens Gräbel,"Non-Equilibrium Two-Phase Flow Computations by a Mixture Model",Proc. of the 10th International Conference on Computational Methods ,(ICCM2019), 773-776,2019 [View]
2019 Dia Zeidan,Eric Goncalves ,Rony Touma,"Simulation of Discontinuous Waves with Velocity Non-Equilibrium Two-Phase Flow",Proc. of the 32nd International Symposium on Shock Waves ,(ISSW32), 2363-2367,2019 [View]
2019 Nitish Arya,Dia Zeidan,Ashoke De,"Water faucet problem by mixture two phase flow equations",AIP Conference Proceedings ,2116 (1), 030035-1 - 030035-4,2019 [View]
2019 Alex A. Schmidt,Alice J. Kozakevicius,Dia Zeidan,Stefan Jakobsson,"Multiresolution scheme for two-phase volcanic flows",AIP Conference Proceedings ,2116 (1), 030024-1 - 030024-4,2019 [View]
2019 Rhameez Sheldon Herbst,Dia Zeidan,"Compressible two-phase flow using a fourth order time-accurate TVD-SLIC method",AIP Conference Proceedings ,2116 (1), 030014-1 - 030014-4,2019 [View]
2019 Anas Hadlabdaoui,Philippe Parnaudeau,Eric Goncalves,Dia Zeidan,"Modelling of wall damages by bubble collapse",AIP Conference Proceedings ,2116 (1), 030010-1 - 030010-4,2019 [View]
2019 Dia Zeidan,"Preface to the 13th International Symposium on Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer - Numerical Fluids 2018",AIP Conference Proceedings,2116, 030001-1-030001-2,2019 [View]
2019 El-Hasan, T.,and Abu-Jaber, N.,"Geochemistry, mineralogy and origin of the shallow water sediments collected along the eastern shore of the northern part of the Dead Sea",Carbonates and Evaporites,34 (3): 975-985 (2019).,2019 [View]
2019 Samer Nofal,Katie Atkinson,Paul E. Dunne,"Computing Grounded Extensions of Abstract Argumentation Frameworks",Submitted for Publication,2019
2019 Samer Nofal,Katie Atkinson,Paul E. Dunne,"On deciding admissibility in abstract argumentation frameworks",11th international conference on knowledge engineering and ontology development, Sep 2019 ,Vienna,2019
2019 Al‐Hawari. F,Alshawabkeh. M,Althawbih. H,Abu Nawas. O,"Integrated and secure web‐based examination management system",Comput Appl Eng Educ,1-21,2019
2019 Althawbih, H. ,"Feminine Linguistic Elements of A Jordanian Prime Minister: A Socio-Geographic Study",Dirasat: Human and Social Sciences/ University of Jordan,Accepted,2019
2018 Althawbih, H. ,"Ibn Odais's Linguistic opinions: Collection and study",University of Sharjah Journal for Humanities & Social Sciences,Accepted,2018
2018 Alhroot. M,Althawbih, H.,"Evidence of the structure (Fi'līl) in Arabic Lexicons Collecting and Studying",Umm Al-Qura University Journal of Languages and Literatures,Accepted,2018