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Year Faculty Publications
2021 El-Hasan, T., Harfouche, M., Aldrabee, A., Abdelhadi, N., Abu-Jaber, N., and Aquilanti, G.,"Synchrotron XANES and EXAFS evidences for Cr+6 and V+5 reduction within the oil shale ashes through mixing with natural additives and hydration process",Heliyon,Volume 7, Issue 4, e06769,2021 [View]
2009 Fraiwan L,Al-Bataineh O,Ma’touq J,Haddad S,Bani-Amer M,"ECG-based Wireless Home Infant Apnoea Monitor",J Med Eng Technol,33(4), pp. 309-313,2009
2014 Ma’touq J,"Spinal Angle and Foot Pressure During Cardiac Electrophysiological Procedures",Int. J. Cardiol., 172(3), pp. 398-400.,2014
2014 Ma’touq J,Al-Nabulsi J,Al-Kazwini A,Baniyassien A,Al-Haj Issa G,Mohammad H,"Eye Blinking-Based Method for Detecting Driver Drowsiness. J Med Eng Technol",38(8), pp. 416-419,2014
2017 Al-Nabulsi J,Ma’touq J,Abdullah E.E,Haloubi T,Manasra A,"Blind Users Assistive Technology Based on Android Platform",IJICA, 8(3), pp. 162-171,2017
2018 Ma’touq J,Hu T,Haddadin S,"Sub-millimetre Accurate Human Hand Kinematics: From Surface to Skeleton",CMBBE, 21(2), pp. 113-128,2018
2019 Ma’touq J,Hu T,Haddadin S,"A Validated Combined Musculotendon Path and Muscle-Joint Kinematics Model for the Human Hand",CMBBE,22(7), pp. 727-739,2019
2020 Ma’touq J,Ateshian G,Myers K,Tavares J,"An Index Finger Musculoskeletal Dynamic Model",(eds) Computer Methods, Imaging and Visualization in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering. LNCVB, 36, pp. 411-436,2020
2021 H Mandal,B Bira,D Zeidan,"Optimal algebra and power series solution of fractional Black-Scholes pricing model",Soft Computing,25, 6075-6082,2021 [View]
2021 Purnima Satapathy,T. Raja Sekhar,Dia Zeidan,"Codimension two Lie invariant solutions of the modified Khokhlov–Zabolotskaya–Kuznetsov equation Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences",Volume 44, Issue 6, Pages 4938-4951,2021 [View]
2021 AlTaher, Bassmah B.,"Encountering Feminism: Freeing Borders in a Conservative Society",Journal of International Women's Studies,22(1), 523-531,2021 [View]
2019 Ala Hijazi, Nathir Rawashdeh, Christian Kähler,"Effect of Camera's Focal Plane Array Fill Factor on Digital Image Correlation Measurement Accuracy",Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering, Turkey,2019 [View]
2015 Mohanna Eshtayeh, Ala Hijazi and Miftah Hrairi,"Nondestructive Evaluation of Welded Joints Using Digital Image Correlation; ",Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation,Vol.34, No.4,2015 [View]
2017 Ala Hijazi and Christian Kähler,"Contribution of the Imaging System Components in the Overall Error of the Two-Dimensional Digital Image Correlation Technique",ASTM - Journal of Testing Evaluation, Vol.45, No.2,2017 [View]
2017 Ala Hijazi, Alexander Friedl, Christian Cierpka, Christian Kähler, Vis Madhavan,"High-Speed Imaging using 3CCD Camera and Multi-Color LED Flashes",Measurement Science and Technology,Vol.28, No.11,2017 [View]