The Supplies and Tenders department is responsible for providing the University with supplies, materials, equipment, and other devices. The Department obtains, inspects, registers, labels, stores, and organizes these items in the storage facilities of the University, where they are kept secure and maintained regularly. Supplies and Tenders also takes inventory of these storage facilites, monitors the stored items, disposes of them, and repairs them in accordance with the applicable provisions of the policy for supplies and maintenance at the University. This also includes securing the best investments in movable and unmovable property for the University.

Supplies and Tenders follows the latest, most proven methods when coordinating purchases for requesting parties at the University. The Department composes detailed yet accessible requests for tender to attract potential suppliers. By taking advantage of principle of fair and free competition (between suppliers), Supplies and Tenders secures quality products at reduced prices. Supplies and Tenders also participates in the special committees for the receipt and admission of purchases, including registering them and sending them to the parties to the requesting parties. The Department also prepares internal reports on its operations and provides them to the relevant authorities inside or outside the University upon request. These reports include annual inventory at the Universty to ensure that all property and assets are in working order.  

The Department consists of a number of components, visible in the following diagram of the administrative structure: