The software development team at the computer center designed and implemented a student accounting information system (AIS) and deployed it on the first 2015/2016 semester. The AIS is fully integrated with MyGJU and it allows accountants to perform the following tasks: manage tuition and services fees; define sponsors and scholarships; link students to scholarships; upload bank payments; manage student exemptions; manage student financial accounts; and generate registration invoices.

Additionally, an accountant may carry out the following operations on a student account: view student information (e.g., personal information, study plan, academic status, grades, transcript, holds, financial exemptions, major transfers, and scholarships), view schedules, view registration invoices, manage statement of account, and record accounting transactions (e.g., payments, refunds, balance adjustment, scholarship payments, scholarship refunds, and opening balances).

Moreover, the accountants can generate various reports to monitor income, expenses, student balances, and sponsor balances as well as track all transactions and generate statistical data to analyze and improve the accounting procedures at the GJU.

It is worth mentioning that this project was mainly developed by Dr. Feras Al-Hawari with some help from Eng. Anoud Alufeishat and Eng. Hala Barham.