April Fools' Day, sometimes called All Fools' Day, is one of the most light-hearted days of the year. Its origins are uncertain.

Some see it as a celebration related to the turn of the seasons, while others believe it stems from the adoption of a new calendar.

But we can all agree that no one beats a great April’s fool than the people in charge of press for large companies, where they spend the days before April Fool's sending over weird, wonderful and sometimes tiresome press releases!

Here are some famous April’s fool Press Releases:

1) Blue Can Warning

April 1, 1996: Virgin Cola ran an ad in British papers announcing that in the interest of consumer safety it had integrated a new technology into its cans. When the cola passed its sell-by date, the liquid reacted with the metal in the can, turning the can bright blue. Virgin warned that consumers should therefore avoid purchasing all blue cans. Coincidentally, Pepsi had recently unveiled its newly designed cans which were bright blue.

2) Coca-Cola Helium

April 1,2004 : All the taste of Coke, all the fun of inhaling a helium balloon and speaking with a squeaky voice.

"By carbonating Coca-Cola Classic with a small shot of helium," they say, "the drink alters vocal cords by allowing sound to travel faster, and makes them more responsive to high-frequency sounds. This creates the squeaky high-pitched effect on the drinker’s voice."

Coke spokeswoman (Cokeswoman?) Kate Miller said: “We’re delighted to be launching Coca-Cola Helium this year – it really inflates our range of drinks and lifts our fans spirits. Popularity of Coca-Cola continues to balloon and this new variant is set to be a flyaway success.”


3)  Belgium Divides

April 1, 1992: The London Times reported that formal negotiations were underway to divide Belgium in half. The Dutch-speaking north would join the Netherlands and the French-speaking south would join France. An editorial in the paper lamented that, "The fun will go from that favorite parlor game: Name five famous Belgians." The report fooled many, including the British foreign office minister, Tristan Garel-Jones, who almost went on a TV interview prepared to discuss this "important" story. The Belgian embassy also received numerous calls from journalists and expatriate Belgians seeking to confirm the news. A rival paper later criticized the prank, saying that, "The Times's effort could only be defined as funny if you find the very notion of Belgium hilarious."


We asked students : What’s the one April’s Fool you wish was true about university ?

Here are some April fool’s wishes around campus of Madaba & SABE!


Dara Hattar: “ The university picks two semesters and give us full marks in them regardless of how we preform”

Zahraa’ Adnan Abed: “Assignments are forbidden from now on”

Marah Al Adim : “The University is applying the German system and hence there will be no more tuition fees”

Muhannad Qandah: ” One wish was that all course examination turned into midterms, no first exams, and that we have a couple weeks to study before these midterms”

Bisher kahaleh : “Digital smart Lockers in the departments “

Sara Abdo : “That the President of the university ordered students to stop calling the translation and German English buildings “Zaa’tri camp”

Hassan Duqmaq : “The Buildings D E F G were closed and a new large building was opened for the translation and German English students”

Rita Walidi :”Doctor Jurors actually loves your work “

Luna Arja :”That the university is going to make some new workshops obligatory, like carpentry and practical things other than theoretical “ also” an access to the printer room for all students !! “

Muhsen Al Bawab : “That the food in the cafeteria has became cheaper because we are students and we don’t work and  we get hungry ! “

Nabih Msharbash : “That the university is building an artistic mansion for architecture and design students so they can finally be creative in a suitable atmosphere than the cardboard box they lock us in”

Achim Engler :”The university’s Cafeteria is hosting an obligatory healthy breakfast for all the students before their lectures “

Samih bayrouni : “Finally there will be a sports building,of basketball playground to swimming pools and a gym “


Well,there’s always a little truth behind every joke! Or fool!

Happy April’s fool 2020!