Gates of Campus
  1. North Gate (Main Gate), beside the Water Tank

  2. East Gate, east of Building B

  3. South Gate, south of Campus - Student Parking Gate. (Closed)

  4. Bus Station's Gate, north of Building E

  5. Second North Gate, north Of Building A

Building A
  1. President Office, 2nd. Floor

  2. Presidency Meeting Room, 2nd. Floor

  3. Presidency and Councils’ Affairs Department, 2nd. & 1st. Floor

  4. Information Systems and Technology Center, 1st. Floor

  5. Assistant to President for Communication and Public Relations Office, Ground Floor

  6. Public Relations and Marketing Department, Ground Floor

  7. Building A Reception, Ground Floor

Building B
  1. Cafeteria, Ground Floor

  2. School of Applied Humanities and Languages

  3. Information Systems and Technology Center, 1st. Floor

  4. Auditorium (Capacity 200), 3rd. Floor

  5. School of Management and Logistics Sciences, 2nd. Floor, 3rd. Floor & 4th. Floor

Building C
  1. Building C Reception, Ground Floor

  2. Cafeteria, Ground Floor

  3. Auditorium C-105 (capacity 200), Ground Floor

  4. School of Applied Technical Sciences, 1st. Floor & 2nd Floor

  5. Information Systems and Technology Center, 2nd. Floor

  6. School of Natural Resources Engineering and Management, 3rd. & 4th. Floor

  7. Bookshop, Kiosk. southern Building C

Building D
  1. Admission and Registration Department

  2. Department of Military Science

  3. Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department

  4. Information Systems and Technology Center

  5. Cafeteria

  6. Soft Area, Ra'ed Alshawabkeh Hall

Building E
  1. Cultural Consultant, From Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research

  2. GJU Innovation Space

  3. Deanship for Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship

Building F
  1. Information Systems and Technology Center - Technical Support Office

  2. Deanship of Graduate Studies

    Deanship of Scientific Research

  3. Activity Hall (F 23) 

  4. International Project Office

  5. International Affairs Department

  6. Auditing and Control Department

  7. Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department

  8. Center for the Study of Natural and Cultural Heritage

  9. Audit Bureau

  10. The Military Scholarships Office

Building G
  1. General Services Department

  2. Auditorium (Capacity 200) 

Building H

    School of Basic Sciences and Humanities

  2. Auditorium (capacity 200)


  3. Cafeteria 

  4. Office of Ministry of Education Representatives


Building M
  1. School of Applied Medical Sciences

  2. School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology​

  3. Edu-Syria Office 

Daret Othman Bdeir
  1. School of Architecture & Built Environment

  2. The Consultations and Training Center

  3. The Vision Rehabilitation Center

  4. Graduate School of Business Administration

Caravans Areas
  1. Engineering Department

  2. Maintenance Department 

Clinic's Area
  1. Deanship of Student's Affairs, Clinic

  2. Pharmacy

  3. Babies Nursery, beside of Clinic. 

Water Tank
  1. Community Affairs Office, Ground Floor

  2. VIP Visitor Reception Hall, 4th. Floor

Cairo Bank Building

     Cairo Amman Bank, Ground Floor 


    Human Resources Department, 1st Floor


    Audit and Control Department, 1st Floor


    Financial Department, 2nd Floor

Parking Areas
  1. North Parking-Underground (Staff Parking), between Water Tank and Building A

  2. South Parking-Underground (Staff Parking). between Cairo Bank Building and Clinic (south of new SAMS Building )

  3. (Staff Parking) between Cairo Bank Building and Building H

  4. North Parking (Students Parking), north of Building D

  5.  South Parking (Students Parking), between Cairo Bank Building and Clinic (south of new SAMS Building )

  6. Visitor's Parking, south of Water Tank

  7. Bus Station, north of Building E