About the Department

About the Department

Welcome to the Electrical Engineering (EE) department at German Jordanian University (GJU). It is our pleasure that you are interested in joining our department. Our study program is designed to prepare the students for entering the profession/industrial world of EE as well as well as pursuing graduate studies by providing our students with broad foundation in electrical engineering.


To be a recognized department of electrical engineering in producing highly qualified engineers who are capable of finding effective solutions to emerging problems related to society, environment and industry by employing trending and innovative technologies.


To arm students with the required knowledge and experience in the field of electrical engineering that enable them to fulfill society and market needs.

About Electrical Engineering 

It is not surprising to say that Electrical Engineering (EE) has shaped the modern world. You will be completely wrong if you think that EE is limited to electricity generation and distribution. In fact, electrical engineers work at the forefront of practical technology that highly influences and integrates to modern life from electrical power generation to Internet of Things (IoT) and 6G communications. One immense advantage of Electrical Engineering degrees is that it covers and/or overlap with a wide spectrum of specializations that includes but not limited to:


•             Wireless Communications                                              •    Systems Engineering

•             Internet of Things (IoT)                                                •     Renewable Energy

•             Communication Networks and Security                           •    Control and Automation Systems

•             Signal Processing                                                         •     Semiconductors

•             Fiber Optics                                                                 •     Electromagnetics

•             Information Theory                                                       •     Antennas and Microwave

•             Power Engineering                                                        •     Biomedical Engineering

•             Electronics Engineering                                                  •     Electrical materials science


This vast number of specializations provides EE degree holders with a wide range of job opportunities. Based on the student interest, passion and the job-market needs, an EE student can easily shape and tailor their skills and experiences by taking various elective courses that are related to the required specialization. Our study program is designed to prepare the students for entering the profession/industrial world of EE as well as pursuing graduate studies by providing our students with a broad foundation in electrical engineering.

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Why choose Electrical Engineering at GJU?

While the majority of public and private universities in Jordan offers a B.Sc. degree in EE, the EE program at GJU is unique. Below are few reasons:

  • Friendly Learning Environment: GJU classes are distinguished with limited number of students (typically 15-30 students in the class) along with easily accessible and supportive faculty and staff members.
  • Excellent Faculty: Our faculty includes some of the distinguished professors and researchers that are specialized in various topics in the EE field. We are proud that two professors from our department have been selected among the world's top 2% scientists by Stanford University.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Students are privileged with the access to cutting edge laboratories along with industry standard platforms and current generation computer systems.
  • Industry Experience: GJU students are privileged with the chance to work directly with industry before graduation through local training (in Jordan), international training (in Germany), and the opportunity to conduct their graduation projects in German companies and manufacturers.
  • German Year: GJU is the only university in Jordan where students have to spend one year (fourth or fifth year) in Germany as part of their bachelor’s degree. In addition to the academic and technical skills, spending one year in Germany contributes to improve the students’ personality, professional and communication skills, and open new job opportunities for the students in Germany.

History of the Department 

The department was established in 2009 under the name “Communications Engineering”. In 2016, the department starts offering a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Communication Engineering. Complying with rules of the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions and looking for better job opportunities for our graduates, the department name has been changed officially to the Electrical Engineering department and starts granting a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering starting from the first semester of 2020.