The software development team at the computer center designed and implemented a financial information system (FIS) and deployed it in March 2015. The FIS is mainly used by the finance department staff to manage financial accounts, budgets, and cost centers. It also enables managing the following system setup information: user accounts, user privileges, financial accounts tree, currencies, departments, banks, cost centers, reserve funds, and petty cash. Besides, it facilitates the management of university budgets, department budgets, financial transactions (e.g., payment vouchers, receipt vouchers, and journal vouchers), and financial bookings. Furthermore, it allows the generation of various financial reports (e.g., budget levels, trial balance, journal ledger, transactions, checks and bookings reports) that can be evaluated by higher management to improve the financial situation for the university.

It is worth mentioning that this project was mainly developed by Dr. Feras Al-Hawari with some help from Eng. Hala Barham.