At the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities, we have built upon interdisciplinary and diversity in science and technology. This insightful sense of interdisciplinary and diversity is what sets us apart from the rest of the university. The office of the Dean serves other schools as an educational engine and contributes in developing a school-going culture at the university. We are committed to promoting students, faculty and staff achievements in academic and personal areas. Together with the School’s faculty, the Dean’s office train and help students in diverse scientific and critical thinking skills, excellent culture and language studies and develop oral and written communication skills.

The office of the Dean includes two specialized departments: Humanities, and basic sciences. Faculty and School administration are committed to developing diverse interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teaching and research concepts. The Divisions in the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities have far-reaching implications to produce academic excellence that accomplish national and international recognition. This is clearly recognized by the School dedicated faculty, facilities, and published research in key scholarly journals and presented at major international conferences.

While maintain the highest academic standards, the Dean’s office is dedicated to offering a cross-scientific cultural communication to our faculty and students.