Welcome to the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities (SBSH). The School started its functions in February, 2015 in response to both, the continuous expansion of GJU in various engineering disciplines and other fields, and the growing numbers of admitted students.

SBSH’s main purpose is to offer ancillary courses in basic sciences such as Mathematics and Physics as well as university requirement courses in Humanities, alongside English and Arabic Language courses. Nonetheless, SBSH does not offer any academic programs leading to a degree yet.  

The courses offered at SBSH are in place to help students develop their scientific, social, and linguistic skills. The aim of the school is to make sure each and every student is fully ready to tackle their next big challenge and take their first step in specializing where they feel most passionate and confident. GJU students will excel being fully equipped with the fundamental knowledge offered at SBSH.

•  Each student that gets accepted into GJU has to first pass through our School’s Placement Tests in English, Arabic and Math to determine the level of proficiency in each field and consequently dictate which Arabic, English and Math courses a student should start their academic journey with.

• Different tiers/level courses which are tailored to the students’ different abilities and skills are offered at our School to GJU students.

• Other elective courses that aim at capacity building and skills development are offered. These courses include: Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprises, Intercultural Communication, Soft Skills, Business Entrepreneurship, Sports and Health, and many more.

• Compulsory Courses that aim at building and enhancing social responsibility such as Military science and National Education are also offered at our School.      

Despite not offering a degree at SBSH, we, as a School, are part of GJU students’ education and have an impact on their academic journey. Hence, we will always be their first home, and our doors are always open to them in any part of their studies. We listen to their feedback and input while always working to better our assistances at SBSH in order to make the best contribution we could provide to students, GJU and our beloved Jordan as a whole.

Dr. Omar Alomari