Welcome to the new School of Basic Sciences and Humanities (SBSH). The School started its functions in February 2015, in response to both, the continuous expansion of GJU in various engineering disciplines and other fields, and the growing numbers of admitted students. The School is not to offer any academic programs leading to a degree. The main purpose of this School is to offer ancillary courses in basic sciences such as Physics, Mathematics, and Statistics and university requirements courses in Humanities, along with English and Arabic Language courses. 

The ancillary courses have to prepare the students to develop their scientific, social, and linguistic skills so when they go over to their different specializations they will be well-equipped with the fundamental knowledge gained from the different basic sciences, Humanities and Language courses.

We adopt an open door policy in this Deanship. We welcome your suggestions concerning the courses that the School offers.

Dr. Akeel Taki Al-Kazwini