Year Faculty Publications
2018 H. Al-Taani, K. Tarawneh, Y. Al-Khatatbeh, B. Hamad,"The high-pressure stability of Ni2In-type structure of ZrO2 with respect to OII and Fe2P-type phases: A first-principles study",IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 305, 012016, For the The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Materials (ICAM-2017), 10 – 13 July 2017, Irbid Jordan,2018
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2018 Eric Goncalves, Dia Zeidan,"Numerical Study of Bubble Collapse Near a Wall",AIP Conference Proceedings 1978,pp. 030032-1-4,2018 [View]
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2018 Minhajul, D. Zeidan, T. Raja Sekhar,"On the Wave Interactions in the Drift-Flux Equations of Two-Phase Flows",Applied Mathematics and Computation,Vol. 327, pp. 117-131,2018 [View]
2018 Jens Grabel, Dia Zeidan, Pacal Bahr, Peter Farber, Peer Ueberholz,"Simulation of Mach 3 Wind Tunnel Flow with a Step by a Two-Phase Flow Model",AIP Conference Proceedings 1978,pp. 030025-1-4,2018 [View]
2018 Dia Zeidan , Eric Goncalves,"Simulations of Thermal-Hydraulics Two-Phase Flows using Mixture Formulations",Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Computational Methods (ICCM 2018),August 6th-10th,Rome, Italy,2018 [View]
2018 Eric Goncalves and Dia Zeidan,"Simulation of Compressible Two-Phase Flows Using a Void Ratio Transport Equation",Communications in Computational Physics,Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 167-203,2018 [View]
2018 Bibekananda Bira, Tungala Raja Sekhar, Dia Zeidan,"Exact Solutions for Some Time‐Fractional Evolution Equations Using Lie Group Theory",Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences,Volume 41, Issue 16, pp. 6717-6725,2018 [View]
2018 Dia Zeidan, Lucy Zhang and Eric Goncalves,"Cavitating Bubbly Flow Computations by Means of Mixture Balance Equations",Proceedings of the 3rd Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference (TFEC2018),March 4-7,Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA,2018 [View]
2018 Alice de Jesus Kozakevicius, Dia Zeidan, Alex A. Schmidt, Stefan Jakobsson,"Solving a Mixture Model of Two-Phase Flow with Velocity Non-Equilibrium using WENO Wavelet Methods",International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow,Vol. 28 Issue 9, pp.2052-2071,2018 [View]
2018 Al-Taani, Hussein, and Sameer Arabasi,"Solar Irradiance Measurements Using Smart Devices: A Cost-Effective Technique for Estimation of Solar Irradiance for Sustainable Energy Systems",Sustainability 10,no. 2: 508,2018
2018 Thelal Iqab Oweis ,"Effects of Using a Blended Learning Method on Students’ Achievement and Motivation to Learn English in Jordan: A Pilot Case Study",Education Research International ,Research Article (7 pages), Article ID 7425924, Volume 201,2018
2018 Rima Abu Omar, Thelal lqab Oweis, Kawther Ali Qarrain ,"The effect of online learning on the German students’ achievement in Arabic as a Foreign Language in the German Jordanian University",International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning,Vol 14, No 8, pp. 35-41 ,2018
2017 Inshad Jum'h, Ahmad Telfah, Jörg , Lambert, Mikheil gogiashvili, Huessein Altaani, Roland Hergenröder,"13C- and 1H-NMR measurements to investigate the kinetics and the mechanism of acetic acid (CH3CO2H) ionization as a model for organic acids dissociation dynamics for polymeric membrane water filtration",Journal of Molecular Liquids,227, 106–113 ,2017