DI-TECH hosts promising and distinguished projects and activities in the field of Technology Transfer (TT), Entrepreneurship, and innovation. 

    The Innovation Lab / IoT Lab at GJU is part of Deanship of Innovation Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship (DI-TECH). The lab aims at supporting innovation and innovative ideas at GJU by providing a space for students and incubated startup to prototype and test their ideas and products. The lab currently consists of 5 different stations/work areas:

    1. 3D Printing Station
    2. ... Read more
    The Energy Efficiency Training Program of the German Energy Academy in Jordan will be taught at the German Jordanian University and Al-Hussein Technical University. This course is specialized in training a number of electrical, mechanical and energy engineering technicians and students. The first task in preparing any technician or engineer to enter the field... Read more

    The Business Development Center along with GJU implements the Green Entrepreneurship Program in Jordan; a program financed by the European Union in partnership with the Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) to help the institutions of civil society to manage and select entrepreneurs in the field of green entrepreneurship under the supervision of the... Read more

    DI-TECH in partnership with BITTCOIN-JO project will focus on creating the infrastructure needed to create self-sustainable Technology Transfer offices (TTOs) according to a new model that not only focuses on the practical steps to create and run those offices but also on providing legal, licensing, business and innovation training courses to:

    • Scientists in the Higher education... Read more