Cultural Activities Division:

The division is working on creating an appropriate cultural environment for students by providing them with the necessary skills to keep pace with developments and enriching cultural experiences. In addition, the division organizes various activities and events within lectures, literary and poetic evenings, seminars, and workshops to refine students' cultural and literary personalities and to discover their skills and talents.

Aims to:

1-Participate in cultural festivals and hold cultural seminars.

2-Holding scientific competitions.

3-Organizing cultural seminars and open meetings.

4-Organizing cultural visits, scientific trips, and field visits.

5-Choosing a supervision team to help internally and externally in coordination and arrangement of activities.

6-Establishing student clubs and their administrative bodies to implement their plans.


Artistic Activity Division

Artistic activities division builds on the students' experiences and skills to integrate their positive energies through programs and events includes visual and performing arts. Further, the division provides students with the necessary skills and supports the artistic environment on the campus. The division also works to highlight students' creative energies in a supportive and encouraging environment that focuses on interaction and constructive communication within the artistic community of students.

 The target activities of the artistic activity division include:

1-musical activities and singing groups.

2-theatrical activities.

3-Photography and video.

4-Painting and fine arts


Sport Activates Division: