A website development team was formed in 2013 in order to develop a new state of the art website for the GJU. The team's main goal was to deliver a website that is: simple, nice looking, easy to navigate, well structured, content rich, and dynamic.

The established team is multifaceted as it was capable of handling all the technical requirements that were needed to accomplish this important project. The team was responsible for setting up the hosting environment, deploying the content management system, developing the website (e.g., HTML pages, CSS, menus, tables, templates, slideshows, databases, scripts), designing the graphics of the website, and administering the website. Furthermore, our team trained and helped the content editors of each school and department in the GJU in order to make sure that all the entered content is consistent and complies with the website's guidelines (e.g., structure, language, visual appearance).

We hosted the website on a secure and powerful server on which a Linux based OS is running in order to make use of the many Open Source applications that are supported on the Linux platform. In addition, we used Drupal (an open source content management platform) to facilitate the content management and editing by several web page administrators. Moreover, we managed the website's content (e.g., image files, PDF files, information) by storing them in a MySQL database management system to facilitate the dynamic generation of the website pages as well as the retrieval of all the stored data and information.