​Amman- 26 March 2019

The German Jordanian University has recently published a thematic issue of Shock Waves Journal by Springer Nature.

Shock Waves is an international journal on shock waves, detonations and explosions - published under the auspices of the international shock wave institute.

Within the scope of computational methods for gas dynamics and compressible multiphase flows, this special issue was led and edited by Dia Zeidan of the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities, German Jordanian University and Hoi Dick Ng of the Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering, Concordia University, Canada.

This special issue is a result of hard work and more than two years of continuous writing and editing. Putting forth this special issue has required research collaborations and international networks that included world-renowned industrial and academic research centers in the field, such as Los Alamos National Laboratory, Hyundai Heavy Industries, the University of Cambridge, the University of Zurich, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Seoul National University and many more. Link:


The biggest support for this thematic issue was put forward by the Editor-in-Chief Evgeny Timofeev and Managing Editor Andrew Higgins of McGill University, Canada. In this respect, we extend our appreciation to Evgeny Timofeev and Andrew Higgins, the editorial board of Shock Waves Journal and Springer Nature for such a distinguished international network.