Our vision is to become one of the leading schools in the Kingdom by setting standards of excellence in innovative curriculum design, teaching, professional development, and cross-cultural understanding. We acknowledge that language is fundamental to all learning, inquiry, and communication. Our school aims to develop global citizenship through teaching and learning languages. This is accomplished by encouraging individuality and fostering respect for difference and value learning from others within an international environment. This multicultural approach is driven by the nurturing of language acquisition in a global community and ensuring students have access to a language of the host culture (Arabic English German) while at the same time safeguarding our students’ native languages.


To provide quality language learning to students who have chosen Arabic/English/German as their medium of communication for academic or professional pursuits and to promote international and intercultural understanding.  The school strongly focuses on recognizing that every teacher is a language teacher and every student is a language learner. It strives to inspire and support all students in achieving their individual potential for a successful responsible life as multilingual individuals. The school hopes through the three languages to promote a shared understanding of the diverse cultures it represents at GJU and in Jordan.