Building materials lab of the Civil Engineering Department is fully equipped and designed to respond to the needs of academic institutions, researchers, engineers and construction industries for testing of:
 1.  Concrete
 2. Cement
 3. Aggregates 
 4. Natural Building Stone


Latest state of the art equipment’s that are mostly fitted with computerized data collection are used to perform various types of materials testing to the highest standard. Some of these machines are:

1. Abrasion machines
2. Flakiness & Elongation Gauges
3. Vicat apparatus
4. Concrete mixer
5. Compacting & Kelly Ball apparatus
6. Slump and V-B time apparatus
7. Flexural (beams) frame
8. Fully automated compression machine
9. Ultrasonic concrete test

Testing Services
The followings are the major tests that can be performed at Materials Laboratory:

Aggregate, Cement & Gypsum Testing
1. Specific gravity and Absorption of Coarse and Fine Aggregates
2. Resistance to Degradation of Small and Large –Size Coarse Aggregates in the Los Angeles Machine
3. Particles size distribution
4. Unit Weight and Voids in Aggregates
5.  Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement
6.  Flexural Strength of Mortar Cement
7. Consistency and Setting Time of cement

Fresh Concrete Testing
1. Determination of Compacting Factor of Fresh Concrete
2. Determination of Vebe Time
3. Workability

Hardened Concrete Testing
1. Flexural strength of Concrete
2. Compressive strength of Cylindrical and Cube Concrete
3. Splitting Tensile Strength of Cylindrical Concrete

Non-Destructive Testing of Hardened Concrete
1. Hammer testing for compressive strength
2. Ultrasonic testing for compressive strength



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