Practical Local Training

Students are required to do Eight weeks of practical training at a civil engineering or Water and Environmental Engineering organization.

Prior consent of the Local training officer is required.

Currently, the student should pass 76 Credit Hours prior to the start of the internship.

The expectations and benefits from Local training for the students are:

  • Getting familiar with the work environment.

  • Getting familiar with modern tools and systems.

  • Participating in teamwork.

  • Getting familiar with the project development cycle: requirement analysis, design, development, and test.

  • Improving oral and written communication skills.

  • Being able to apply the knowledge and skills gained in engineering curriculum to real-life issues and problems.

  • Learning new subjects.

  • Learning about contemporary issues.

  • Understanding of the professional and ethical responsibilities of an engineer.

  • Making contacts for future employment.

Required Files

  1. Industrial Training Approval. Fill in the information in the following Form 

  2. Industrial Institute Information. This file should be filled by you as soon as possible and sent to me by email. You’ll have to submit a hard copy when you submit your evaluation.

  3. Daily Attendance Sheet. This sheet should be filled by you on daily basis; write at which hour you got to work and at which hour you got off. Sign it at the end of your training by your supervisor and stamp it. The purpose of this sheet is to find the cumulative hours of your training.

  4. Weekly progress schedule. This should be filled by you, but must be signed by your supervisor and stamped by the Company/Institute.

  5. Evaluation form. This should be filled by your supervisor at the end of your training period. It should be stamped, both pages, and sealed in an official envelope. Note that you need to have the institute official stamp on both papers of the evaluation!

  6. Report form sample. This sample is to guide you while you are writing your training report. Here you can find guidelines also.

  7. Trainee Survey, this survey will help us to know what kind of problem you have faced during the training, what recommendation and suggestion you have for the local training procedure, program, companies,..etc.


Note that :

  1. Submitting a Training report is MANDATORY.

  2. You should submit all the files in ONE Week Maximum after finishing your training   

  3. The report should be submitted after finishing 160 Hours training. 

  4. Scan all the document you have filled and send an email of these files to the Local training Officer, then hand in a Hard copy.