In a world rapidly facing the prospects of climate change and depletion of cheap fossil fuel resources, it becomes eminently clear that qualified professionals will be needed to rise to the challenges that will flow from these threats. Moreover, it is clear that these threats transcend the traditional disciplines that deal with the various pieces of the sustainability puzzle.

This is why the School of Natural Resources Engineering and Management is offering a Master program in Environmental and Renewable Energy Engineering. There are plenty of programs that teach renewable energy, environmental engineering and sustainable planning. These programs tend to have too narrow of foci to achieve the goals which set out herein.

We aim to create professionals who can take up the leadership positions that require both solid technical backgrounds as well as a broad scope of view, which will allow for visionary solutions for the challenges ahead. Thus, the integration of environmental and renewable energy under the heading of sustainability will allow for such an outcome.

Students will acquire a deep understanding of the issues of sustainability, discussing issues such as ecosystem approaches, collapse, efficiency traps, fossil fuel depletion and its implications. These will be the key to understanding the importance in building a world that is both robust and resilient. Obviously, a key component to this lies in alternative energy sources, of which the students will become acutely familiar with. Previous surveys of employers have shown keen interest in obtaining people with the competencies gained in this program.

The program is course and thesis based, with a total of 34 credit hours distributed between compulsory courses (19 CH), electives (6CH) and a thesis project (9CH).


Who can attend the program?

 All students having a BSC degree in any engineering discipline can be enrolled in this master program. This includes:

Civil engineers

Mechanical engineers

Architectural engineers

Electrical engineers

Renewable/energy engineers

Industrial Engineers

Chemical Engineers

Aeronautical Engineers

Nuclear Engineers


Basic knowledge in thermal and fluid science is required. Any student who did not have this knowledge will have to study prerequisites courses. The courses will be assigned by the department and informed to the applicant in his/her admission letter.

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