With the Professional Training Certificate in Social Work: Refugees & Migrants in Jordan, the German Jordanian University (GJU) has established a specialized postgraduate training program focused on the challenges of flight and forced migration. GJU's Department of Social Work offers this program at GJU's Consultation and Training Center (CTC). The program combines national, regional, and international aspects and perspectives to provide an understanding of current pressing refugee issues in the context of social and socio-political change.

 It aims to provide practical knowledge in a limited and manageable period of time. The certificate is tailored to address not only social work practitioners, but also professionals from other related disciplines. It is also an opportunity for incoming students from other countries, especially from the GJU's partner universities in Germany, to study at the GJU for a semester and get a condensed overview of the current situation in the country, humanitarian and social work services, and their practical approaches to implementation in the field.

 The courses provide an understanding of the needs of displaced persons. It is their perspective that shapes the program to get a better understanding of their situation for those professionals working with them. In order to ensure a direct link between the field and the training certificate, during COVID 19 time, the field visits are replaced by online lectures by speakers on various topics and by stakeholders from the field  in Jordan.


Last Day of Application for the 2nd Semester 2022/2023 is January 31st 2023.


Application deadline extended until the 18th February 2023





School of Applied Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHSS)
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