The Department hosts both local and international students. It trains internationally competitive Social Workers, who combine excellent academic skills with intercultural sensitivity, practical skills, and passion for the forcefully displaced as well as the hosting countries and their people. The Department prides itself on the international university and non-university partners, that strengthening the employability of its graduates.

I. Vision

The Department is committed to professionalize the field of Social Work in the region through instilling values and ethics of empathy, and humanitarian culture and strengthening the work with Migrants and Refugees based on scientific practice. The Department strives to implement programs that teach skills that correspond to the emerging challenges of increased Migration and forced displacement as well as to promote the profession of Social Work in the region (the Arab World and Middle East).

II. Mission

The Department prepares Social Work students committed to help and empower vulnerable populations. It contributes to the development and teaching of social work knowledge and skills and instills professional values and ethics. Its programs teach understanding and emphasize respect for the unique social, political, and cultural diversity present.

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