• Interface wetting lab
In the "Interface Wetting Lab," we study the inter-facial phenomena between different phases of matter. The wetting of a particular liquid on a solid surface can be characterized by measuring the static and dynamic contact angles with a goniometer.
Super repellent surfaces or so-called self-cleaning surfaces are also fabricated in this lab. Surfaces are fabricated by various techniques evolving physical and chemical modifications using oxygen plasma, vacuum desiccator, spaying guns, and certain chemicals. Surfaces are tested by controlled exposure to liquids using a peristaltic pump.
  • The nonlinear optics lab

Professor Husam Abu-Safe is supervising the nonlinear optics lab at GJU. The lab contains a state-of-the-art setup (z-scan setup) to investigate the nonlinear optical behavior of nanofilms and nanoparticles. Here are some of the publications produced because of the experiments:

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  2. Husam H. Abu-Safe, Razan Al-Esseili, Hussein Al-Taani, Husam El-Nasser, Malak Refaei, Mirsaeid Sarollahi, Reem Alhelais, Mohammad Zamani-Alavijeh, and Morgan E. Ware, “The nonlinear optical properties of nickel nano-films in the cw regime: proposed model”, Optical Materials, Volume 121, pp. 111531 (2021).
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