The School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (SEEIT) at the GJU was founded in 2005, and it has various undergraduate and graduate programs that focus on in-demand, trendy, and evolving fields. Specifically, it offers Bachelor of Science degrees in computer engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering with attractive specialized tracks in artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer vision and robotics, cyber security, data science, and 5G & Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, the CS department in the SEEIT in collaboration with the design and visual communications department in the SABE also offer a joint B.Sc. degree in design and media informatics (gaming and virtual/augmented reality) that is unique in Jordan. Besides, the department of computer engineering at the SEEIT offers a Master of Science degree in computer engineering with two attractive specialization tracks in artificial intelligence and cyber physical systems. Furthermore, the department of computer science offers a multidisciplinary Master of Science degree in enterprise systems engineering that is an outcome of a unique joint program in Jordan between the GJU and Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT).

The SEEIT is a place where applied education is a highly valued goal. Consequently, students gain theoretical background, soft skills, practical experience, and research abilities that empowers and prepares them to start successful careers or pursue further graduate studies. This important goal is accomplished by adopting rigorous study plans that integrate theory and practice in all offered programs. Besides, several well equipped educational and research labs are available to students and instructors to allow conducting hands-on experiments and solving societal research challenges. Further, the German year enriches the students’ educational, life, and work experiences through the study semester in Germany and the internship in the German industry. In addition, our students can gain more practical experiences through many project oriented courses, industry centered courses, field training, as well as the dual study tracks in the CS and CE programs that require students to work three summer semesters in the local industry.

The teaching staff at the SEEIT are highly reputable professionals with excellent academic background, industrial experience, and research profiles. They obtained their degrees from renown schools in the USA, Canada, and Germany. Some of them are inventors with several USA patents and various publications in top international journals and conferences. In accordance to GJU strategic goals, the school is also committed to maintain a low faculty-to-students ratio and provide highly equipped facilities. All of this ensures that our students receive exemplary theoretical and hands-on education augmented with rich one-on-one interaction with instructors as well as effective team work amongst students.

The school believes in the importance of expanding its partnership networks with the academia, industry, and community in Jordan, Germany, and elsewhere. As that enables the SEEIT to maintain a multilingual and multicultural learning environment through joint and exchange programs involving both students and staff. Besides, the partnership with the industry facilitates the establishment of academies for professional certification, collaborative work on practical research problems, implementation of industry training tracks, as well as fostering inventions and entrepreneurship. As a result, our graduates are enriched with the needed skills to increase their employability chances, and our staff are equipped with the necessary expertise to continue delivering up-to-date educational and research services.

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Prof. Feras Al-Hawari