In November 2019, an academic study tour from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the Federal Republic of Germany and Austria was designed by the German Development Cooperation GIZ to provide academic staff with a detailed understanding of the cooperative higher education system.

The program includes several site visits and meetings with different stakeholders in the field of cooperative higher education like the Cooperative State University of Baden-Wuerttemberg DHBW, the Cooperative State University of Rhineland-Pfalz, the State University Joanneum Graz, the State University of St. Poelten, the State University Technicum Vienna and the Austrian Accreditation and Quality Assurance Agency AQ.

These topics have been tackled:

- How to integrate the learning process between the work in a company and the university,

- Different concepts how to run cooperative higher education programs

- How to train students in the companies

- What are the factors for a successful educational process?

- Quality assurance in cooperative study concepts

“It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing prospectus ideas about the cooperative program in Jordan during this spectacular week. I will be looking forward for future progress”, said Dr. Eva Haddad according to experiences made.

From GJU Dr. Imad Hatamleh (Dual Studies Coordinator for Logistics), Dr. Ismail Hababeh (Dual Studies Coordinator for Computer Science), Dr. Mohammad Al-Omari (Dual Studies Coordinator for International Accounting), Dr. Safwan Altarazi (Dual Studies Coordinator for Industrial Engineering), Dr. Stefan Braun (Dual Studies Advisor) and Dr. Eva Haddad (Dual Studies Courses lecturer for soft skills) joined the tour among other academic Jordanian representatives. This is a big and motivating step towards more practice related teaching and learning approaches.