The German Jordanian University (GJU) is proud to announce that two of their top Graduates in Mechatronics Engineering have been hired by the German Deutsche Bahn (DB), one of the world’s leading passenger and logistics companies that operates in 130 countries worldwide.


The appointment goes within the framework of a close cooperation between the University and DB which includes four stages of cooperation:


  • Hiring engineering and logistics graduates at DB International.
  • Placing students in internships at DB International and potentially within the DB Group since all GJU students must complete a semester-long internship in Germany.
  • Setting up a competence center in which specific rail expertise is gained.
  • Founding a rail department at GJU in the future


This new form of cooperation in promoting technical and corporate development in Jordan will help DB International as well, explained Mr. Salah Isayyied, DB’s Regional Director in Jordan. Through this partnership, DB’s team of experts will achieve greater internationality and acquire the indispensable local mentality and language for the entire Middle East. And because GJU graduates also speak German, they will be able to be integrated quickly and smoothly into the company.


The two Graduates, Eng. Rabee Al-Gharableh and Eng. Ahmad Arkan Al-Sherqatli, will take a year of various training courses in Germany and, by working on projects in the individual regions, will gain the necessary rail expertise for future and equally demanding projects in Jordan and the entire region.