Fulbright visitor scholar,  Associated Professor at Civil and Environmental Engineering Department/ German Jordanian University. Former Secretary General Assistant for Water Quality and Laboratory Affairs at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation.  Expert in the field of water and wastewater biological treatment/ Activated Sludge and Waste stabilization ponds; Decentralized Wastewater treatment plant; Water Quality; Wastewater Reuse, Environmental Law and Policy; and water microbiology and sanitary parasitology. 

Dr. Hindiyeh had been a board member of the Standardization and Meteorology Institution, participated in many national committees such as the Lower House of Parliament, National Water Quality Committee; National Health Strategy, and Environmental National Information, in addition to the Water Consumption Reduction Concept Committee for national school curriculum. Along with consultation serves with national and international organization such as the WHO (published guide book on the Sanitary Parasitology), UNDP, World bank and the USAID.

Educational Background

Environmental Engineering, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Environmental Microbiology, University of Jordan
Biology, University of Jordan

Project Funded: Coordinator and joining team for developing Master Program on “Environmental and Renewable Energy Engineering and Climate Change" with Total Grant: 1.5 million euros.  Implemented in Six universities (Jordan and Syria). Also  Coordinator Assistant on Project funded by Erasmus+(EU), under "capacity building in the field of higher education"Project title: Development of Environmental Engineering and injection of climate change concept for Undergraduate curriculum: (EGREEN). Budget: 1 million euros; Duration: 2016-2019; collaboration with 13 Partners (Jordan, Syria, Germany, Portugal, Austria).

Project Funded by DAAD: Project Title: Seminar on Climate-resilient Water Management. Seminar for students of Jordan and Germany including field trips to Amman and Koblenz. German-Arab Transformation Partnership 2018, Program. Line 2: Short-term measures. Prof. Dorte Ziegler (University of Applied Sciences, Koblenz - UASK, Germany) and Prof. Mohammad Matouq (Balqaa Applied University). Duration: 2018-2019. Budget: 38,411 euro

Selected Publications

2018 Muna Hindiyeh , Tala Altalafha , Manar Al-Naerat, Hakam Saidan, Ahmed Al-Salaymeh, Lu’ay Sbeinati and Motasem N. Saidan ,"Process Modification of Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturing Operations: An Eco-Efficiency Approach",Processes 2018, 6, 15; ,doi:10.3390/pr6020015,2018
2018 Al-Omari, A.; Al-Bakri, J.; Hindiyeh M.; Al-Houri, Z.; Farhan, I. and Jibril, F. ,"Integrated Hydrologic and Quality Model for Zarqa River Basin in Jordan", Fresenius Environmental Bulletin,Volume 27, no.7 pp. 4637-4647,2018
2017 Bižić-Ionescu M., Klintzsch T., Ionescu D., Hindiyeh M. Y., Muro-Pastor A.M., Keppler F., Grossart H-P,"Spontanneous emission of CH4 by cyanobacteria: a mechanism for oxic methanogenesis in freshwater",conference SAME 15 Meeting “ 15th Symposium on Aquatic Microbial Ecology” 3-8 Sep. 2017, ,Zegrab, Croatia, Federation of European Microbiological Society (FEMS).,2017
2016 Haddad, J., Hindiyeh M., Hasan W. and Lahham M,"Solar disinfection of drinking water using sand as a UV-light Amplifier. TU Graz- 2 International ESEIA Conference on Smart and Green Transitions in Cities and Regions, Campus Inffeldgasse, Graz, Austria",2016
2015 Lahham, M., Holdmann C. and Hindiyeh, M. ,"Growth of Chlorella sorokiniana SAG 211/8k on Anaerobic Liquid Digestate within a 6 Liter Flat Panel Airlift Photobiorector as a source for biofuel production",International Conference of Young Scientists on Innovative Applied Renewable Energy Researches May 18 – 20, 2015, Amman, Jordan,2015
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