Petra Drugstore is a Jordanian company who plays a leading role in the country’s health care sector by providing products and services to the medical community in Jordan. Founded about 50 years ago, Petra Drugstore collaborates with major multinational companies, such as e.g. Ferring, Ipsen, Bausch + Lomb, Smith & Nephew, Hospira, Mentor (J&J), Celgene, Topcon, Grifols, DeltaLab and Holdipharma.

As Petra Drugstore experiences rapid expansion, the company feels the need to upgrade the capacities of its Logistics Department. Being aware that GJU does not only run two Logistic programs (one BSc, and one Masters), but also intends to open a third Logistics program, in dual mode to further enhance the matching between practical training and academic education, Petra Drugstore invited GJU to present its Dual Studies project.

For this reason, Randolph Galla, GJU’s Dual Studies Advisor, met Hala Al Azzeh (Human Resources Manager) and Sawsan A. Taqi-Eddin (Head of Logistics Department) on the 24th of October at the premises of Petra Drugstore in Sweifiyyeh and gave a comprehensive introduction to GJU’s Dual Studies project, with a focus on Logistics. Representatives of Petra Drugstore were very impressed with what has already been achieved and will discuss with the company’s General Manager the perspectives of becoming involved in the dual Logistics program.