Educational Background

North Carolina State University: Marine/ Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (Geochemistry).
North Carolina State University: Marine/Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (Geology).
University of Jordan, Amman: Geology and Mineralogy
Research Interests

My research interests include geochemistry of groundwater in Jordan. I am particularly involved in the use of hydrogeochemistry in the resolution of issues such as water origin, age and movement. I am also interested in the chemical nature and evolution of brines, particularly in the Dead Sea. I also study heritage (both natural and cultural) from a geological perspective. This includes geoarchaeology and Quaternary geology, particularly the use of geological and archaeological data for climate reconstruction in the region. In addition, I am interested in the study of archaeological materials (stone, pottery, mortar and glass) with the intent of determining provenance and production technology of these materials. 

Selected Publications

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