Dear All, 

SABE was founded in 2006 with two departments. The Department of Architecture was launched in 2006/2007. It offers undergraduate programs (B.SC.) in architecture and   interior architecture, and post graduate programs (M.Sc.) in: Spatial Planning, launched in 2009/2010, Conservational Architecture that will be launched in 2016/2017, and the Green Building that will be launched in 2017/2018. The Department of Design and Visual Communication was launched in 2008/2009. It offers integrated undergraduate programs in graphic design, cinematography and TV production, multi-media, animation, and product design. The school, today, houses about 550 students in the different programs.


SABE’s teaching staff is a fine mixture of both well-known academics and highly experienced industrial professors with broad educational backgrounds graduating from esteemed universities in USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Russia, and Jordan. Such a strong bridging between education and real life practices provided a better competitive edge to the graduates of SABE. This is clearly evident in the great number of the first, second, and other prizes obtained by our creative students locally, regionally, and internationally. In addition, the German dimension, with its all valuable aspects, has significantly improved and enriched the whole educational and life experiences of students and staff members. This way SABE has evidently established itself as the leading home of architecture and design locally and regionally. Our near future aim is to be internationally recognized.


An independent high level expert commission was hired by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in the winter semester of 2015/2016 to evaluate the GJU performance. The report has concluded that GJU is a successful and distinctive binational project that inextricably includes aspects of international academic cooperation, cooperation in education and development, and cultural exchange.


Moving from the main campus in Madaba to Darat Othman Bdeir in the heart of Amman in 2013 was an outstanding step towards further educational improvement with a real community involvement. From its significantly rich and aesthetically appealing urban morphology to its blooming creative academic community, SABE becomes an ideal launch space for its students’ creative career, nurturing them with an amazing atmosphere and a welcoming environment in a culturally rich downtown. The whole city becomes our campus. This way, SABE is destined to graduate responsible creative thinkers and designers in the different areas of specializations.

Welcome again. 

Prof. Dr. Ziyad Haddad