Dear All, 

Welcome to our house of innovation; School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE). We are a part a renowned story of success, the story of German Jordanian University.

With two departments, three undergraduate programs, two master’s programs, about 500 students, and a group of the finest educators; our college managed to place itself on the map of architecture and design education in the region and locally.

In September 2013, SABE took a new leap towards its role in education, in community relation, and its commitment and love to our Amman; it moved its premises to the downtown of Amman; at a location we named as Darat Othman Bdeir after the name of its generous donor. This move meant that from that date on students will be present within the community they will design for and no longer at a remote location; that the college will lead a broader process aiming at reviving the downtown and bringing back a beautiful spirit that was long lost; and that there will be a new breed of socially-conscious architects, interior architects, and designers who will take on their shoulders the responsibility of defining, guarding, and evolving all Ammani visual traditions.

Our educators come from many established universal traditions of education; Germany, UK, USA, Japan, Russia, and of course Jordan. This helps bringing the best education built on accumulative experiences to our students; that we hope. It also means that we are open to experience new ideas and innovative attempts.

Our graduates are on demand in the market in times of universal recession; a situation that talks about their good preparation, which includes a full year in Germany for study and internship.

We are on a continuous attempted path of development for our curriculums, teaching methods, research, and ourselves; looking forward being a recognized visual educational institute on the international level. 

Welcome again. 

Prof. Mohammad Ali Yaghan