As one of the first-appointed employees of the university, it always gives me great pleasure to watch as this beloved university grew from a small university that occupied two floors only in a four floor building in a temporary campus, to a full-fledged, spacious multi-building high tech university occupying a green, well organized, beautiful permanent campus.

I can still remember the members of the establishing committee, both German and Jordanian, at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, who were following a dream, and the numerous challenges and obstacles the committee had to overcome in order for that dream to come true.

GJU started with one hundred students and grew to accommodate 3500 students in less than 10 years. Moving from the idea, to the memorandum of understanding, to the Royal Decree, to allocating a site for the university, to the temporary site that it occupied at the beginning and now to this wonderful permanent site, in less than ten years, speak of all the efforts and dedication behind it.

The Vision was “to establish a first-class university based on the German model of a technical university - 'technische hochscule', in order to play a pivotal role in the socio-economic and professional development in Jordan”; indeed, this vision has become a reality.

One Mission was “to produce a generation of professional graduates who possess the skills needed for the job market”, and that mission has been successfully fulfilled indeed, judging by the many employment opportunities our graduates find upon completing their study.  

Dr. Anas M. Ateh