Podcast – Director of the DAAD Office - Benjamin Schmäling

Benjamin Schmäling, director of the DAAD office, talks about the background of GJU support With funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the DAAD - the German Academic Exchange Service - provides financial support for the German dimension of the GJU. Our moderator wanted to know why this is so and what the DAAD sees in the GJU. For this reason, she met with Benjamin Schmäling, who runs the DAAD office in Amman. He invited her on an excursion to the desert castle Qasr al-Hallabat. Amidst the ruins, the two sat, let the sunshine on their faces, and chatted about Benjamin's tasks, cultural peculiarities in the Jordanian working world, the background for the GJU's funding, and the cooperation with Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences. They also talked about what made Benjamin decide to move to Jordan in the first place and why he enjoys driving on the island of peace so much.

Episode 2 - Benjamin Schmäling (DAAD)