About the Department

About the Department

The Public Services Department performs its role in providing several support services that meet the needs of the university through its highly competent staff members.

Department Mission

Leadership and continuous innovation to improve basic services and achieve the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency in a stimulating and smart work environment.

Department Vision

Excellence in providing basic services to ensure the sustainability of the university environment suitable for technical education and pioneering and innovative work.

Department objectives

  • Provide smart and innovative business models.
  • Simplifying procedures and facilitating work environment tasks to serve service recipients at the university.
  • Sustainability of work on campus with high quality and efficiency.
  • The basic processes to reach a smart campus have been completed.
  • Preserve the environment and contribute to solving environmental problems.
  • Raise the level of readiness to deal with all work conditions efficiently and effectively by empowering and training the employees of the department and raising their level.
  • Sustaining and increasing green spaces.
  • Adopting the general policies of the university and preserving its foundations in a way that serves and achieves its strategic objectives.
  • Providing a safe and appropriate university environment for the academic and administrative staff and students to enable them to carry out their work and activities easily.
  • Securing the necessary requirements of planning, studies, models, and partnerships to reach green and sustainable buildings.
  • Introducing technology in the implementation, follow-up, and control of cleaning, transportation, and agricultural work, in a manner that ensures the achievement of the best results and the best operations.