About the Department

About the Department

The Maintenance Department is one of the main departments at German Jordanian University; it is responsible for maintaining the various university buildings' readiness in terms of infrastructure and systems, as well as improving the level of different services provided to academic and administrative staff at the university, in order to create a comfortable and productive environment for teaching and working.



The Maintenance Department seeks to achieve the vision of the German Jordanian University and the highest level of acceptance and satisfaction for staff and students when carrying out maintenance work.



Our mission is to keep university buildings on campus ready for academic, administrative staff and students to do their tasks.



Our Tasks

  • Execute maintenance tasks with the highest efficiency and quality at the lowest cost possible.
  • Responding to maintenance requests from all employees by official books, tickets, or phone calls.
  • Participation in all university activities and events.
  • Working on the sustainability of the university's existing systems (electrical, mechanical, and civil) through the use of a preventive maintenance program.
  • All maintenance department agreements are monitored and controlled.
  • Determining the specifications required for any purchase order or tender.
  • Increasing efforts to reduce water and electricity consumption.
  • Reduce the time required to repair faults.

These tasks are performed by highly qualified employees who are authorized to maintain systems in all university buildings and facilities. The department is managed by the Director of Maintenance and three main sections (Electromechanical, Public Works, Water, and Environment), with technicians from all disciplines (electrical, mechanical, carpentry, blacksmithing, painting, construction...etc.).