Podcast - Rehan Tarawneh - GJU Alumna

GJU alumna Rehan Tarawneh on her studies and life in Germany

33-year-old Rehan Tarawneh has been living in Germany since 2014. She completed her Bachelor's degree in International Accounting at the GJU more than ten years ago. During her year in Germany, she was in Dresden. Already with both feet planted in German culture, she then completed her Master of Arts in European Studies in Düsseldorf. Our moderator interviewed our alumna in Bochum, where she lives with her husband and son. It's about Rehan's experiences at GJU. Mady wants to know to what extent her studies helped her on her way to becoming a self-confident woman and how her Jordanian environment reacted to her decision to stay in Germany. What preconception about Jordan does the German by choice want to dispel? The two women talk about this, but also about Rehan's role as an alumni ambassador for the GJU, during their interview in the heart of Bochum.

Episode 7 - Rehan Tarawneh (Alumna der GJU)