Team Roles and Responsibilities:


The Expenditures Department was established in the Finance Department and it is responsible for all expenses that arise as a result of the university’s continuous demands. The department receives all financial claims and invoices, whether internal or external claims and audits and pays them to the concerned authorities according to the instructions and regulations in the university.

The Expenditures Department provides multiple financial services, including exchange operations for invoices and financial claims, payments for university suppliers, making accounting entries on the financial system, following up all exchanges with all departments, schools, and deanships, following up all external claims with the concerned ministries and government departments, and disbursing private advances. Until it is closed, the Expenditures Department provides advice and assistance to decision-makers in the university to legalize and monitor exchange operations and rationalize consumption if requested. The Department also carries out all exchange operations for university students and disburses them as quickly as possible and through electronic wallets.

The Expenditures Department aspires in the future to develop its performance in a distinctive way so that all services provided by the Department become electronic, which means not wasting time and speeding up and completing transactions in record time.