A payroll system calculates the amount GJU owe to the employees based on factors such as the time they worked, their hourly wages, overtime or salaries, and whether they took vacation or holiday time during the pay period. The system adjusts gross pay by calculating and subtracting taxes, social security, and other withholding amounts. On payday.
the payroll system provides GJU employees with payroll deposits and a summary of the information GJU used to calculate their salaries, overtime, and other allowances.
Department's Duties : 
  • Preparing Salaries for the whole GJU employee
  • Calculating the Overtime for academic and administrative staff.
  • A-monthly Subscriptions as Socal security, Saving fund, Engineer Association, Health Insurance, Employees Housing, and any other deductions.
  • Social Security and tax.
  •  End of service and Saving fund.
  •  Provide the banks with "To Whom May Concern letter"
  • Salaries statements for banks and embassies